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Nader Engheta

Prof. Nader Engheta
University of Pennsylvania

Title: Extreme Metamaterials and Near-Zero Photonics

Abstract:  Recent development in nanotechnology, nanoscience and materials science and engineering has provided opportunities to engineer structures with

unprecedented attributes and characteristics in manipulating waves and fields. We are exploring wave-matter interaction in platforms with extreme scenarios, such as near-zero permittivity and near-zero permeability, and with extreme features such as very high phase velocity, very low energy velocity, nonreciprocal vortices at the nanoscale, giant anisotropy and nonlinearity, “near-zero” photonics, nanoscale computation with optical nanocircuits, and more. Such “extreme metamaterials” will provide us with exciting features and functionalities for wave-based paradigms such as optics, acoustics, and thermodynamics. I will discuss some of our ongoing work in these fields, will present some of the opportunities and challenges, and will forecast some future directions and possibilities.

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