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Gerog Korn

Dr. Georg Korn
ELI Beamlines, Czech Republic

Title: Extreme Light Infrastructure: Exceeding the ultra-relativistic interaction regime using super - short optical pulses at the Kilojoule level

Abstract:  We will be giving an overview on ELI-Beamlines high power

lasers and experimental areas which are dealing with ultra-intense laser plasma and laser vacuum interaction. A way of bringing the 10 PW (150fs, 1.5 kJ) laser to over 250 PW will be discussed.

This paves the way to intensities well over 1024 W/cm2 allowing experiments beyond the ultra-relativistic regime in which protons become relativistic do to the interaction with the high laser field on the length of one wavelength of the laser driver. In principle this laser technology can be extended to the Exawatt regime which could be reached with 10 kJ, 10fs pulses. In this case the field in the focus could reach 10-3-10-2 of the Schwinger field and besides pair creation which would be the manifestation of the most promising nonlinear vacuum effect a new strong field phenomenon will occur, the generation of electromagnetic cascades.

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