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Prof. Dr. Laszlo Veisz
Department of Physics, Umeå University, Sweden

Title: Next generation light source for relativistic attosecond physics

Abstract:  The development of attosecond as well as ultra-relativistic laser-plasma physics calls for more and more sophisticated drivers lasers in the single-cycle pulse duration regime with ever increasing energy. A fundamental step has been made in this direction

by developing Light Wave Synthesizer 20 (LWS-20), an optical parametric synthesizer based an optical parametric chirped pulse amplification combining two complementary spectral regions to approach a full octave. LWS-20 routinely generates pulses with 80 mJ energy and sub-2-optical-cycle length focusable to ultra-relativistic intensity (10^20 W/cm^2) with excellent contrast for demanding laser-solid interactions. The system allows novel investigations of field-dependent plasma physics phenomena and nonlinear interaction of energetic attosecond pulses, which experiments are conducted in our laboratory.

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