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Lukas Gallmann

Dr. Lukas Gallmann
ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Title: Advanced quasi-phase-matching structures for ultrabroadband parametric amplification
Abstract: High-average-power sources of few-cycle pulses based on optical parametric amplification are presently a hot topic in ultrafast amplifier

development. Most systems presented to date are based on conventional birefringent phase-matching. We discuss several advanced schemes based on quasi-phase matching that provide highly customizable ultrabroadband gain and address some of the design challenges of conventional systems. We successfully demonstrated these technologies on a high-repetition-rate mid-infrared optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifier (OPCPA) system. We also provide an overview of our recent results on non-dipole strong-field interactions. These studies were enabled by our OPCPA source and demonstrate how the emerging ultrafast pulse technologies yield access to new regimes of strong-field and attosecond physics.

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