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FattahiHanieh Speakers 2015

Dr. Hanieh Fattahi
Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics (MPQ), Munich, Germany

Title: High power multi-terawatt Field Synthesizer
Abstract: A complete picture of electrodynamics in solids, with the subatomic resolution in space and time, is possible by combining x-ray diffraction and attosecond spectroscopy. This technique requires angstrom-wavelength

 isolated attosecond pulses. Therefore its realizability is the question of availability of a source which could push the frontiers of high-harmonic generation (HHG) and attosecond pulse generation into keV photon energies and hard x-ray regime. Combining the concept of short-pulse pumped OPCPA with waveform transients holds promise to revolutionize the current state of the art of HHG and enables us to extend the HHG cutoff energy to keV x-ray pulses. In this talk the current state of the art of a multi-terawatt field synthesizer under development for this purpose, will be discussed.

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